Luzzatto Law Firm

Luzzatto Law Firm combines a rich family tradition of legal practice
with a dynamic, modern firm rooted in our vast experience
helping individuals and companies take their business,
invention, and ideas to the next level. The Luzzatto Law Firm offers
legal counsel and litigation services in all facets of
civil and commercial law with a special expertise derived
from our extensive work in the tech community and as a destination
firm for companies, entrepreneurs, app developers, and inventors.

Luzzatto Law Firm

In 1869, when Riccardo Luzzatto established the Luzzatto Law Firm in Milan, Italy, he surely did not expect that law would continue to be the focus of the Luzzatto family for five generations.

Riccardo's new firm concentrated on an emerging legal field: Intellectual and Industrial Property. Tackling this uncharted territory demanded imagination, determination, and courage. Riccardo joined forces with his son, Enrico, who took over the business in 1923.

Today, LLF's work extends far beyond the borders of Riccardo's original vision and offers a broad range of legal services suited to the dynamic landscape of modern business such as commercial law and litigation, corporate law, copyright law, communications law, intellectual property, and more.

Meet our team of attorneys - experts in IP, copyright law, commerical law and litigation, & more

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